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Hi All,

Please help me understand the status of space critical objects in DB02.
Which of these are critical to the system’s performance?
What must be done to minimize or to avoid occurrence of these objects?

Thanks and regards to all,
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In DB02, space critical objects refer those objects (tables/indexes) that become space critical due to lack of insufficient free space of that tablespace holding these objects.
As data gets added to tables in a tablespace, the available freespace of a tablesapce gets reduced, at some point of time the tablespace goes out of needed free space and results in space critical objects as these objects are requiring more memory that available.
DB02 allows us to check the monitor the free space of the table spaces and add space when needed.
Coming to system performance, if a tablespace goes space critical and has space critical objects, this will have impact on performance of the database and the application, all the database inserts/updates on this tablespace gets rollback due to non availability of sufficient free space. Hence the space needs to be closely monitored by the basis team.
Hope the information is answering your questions?, pls. feel free for any more queries.



One Comment

  1. ===================================Ada Pertanyaan==
    Dear sap gurus,

    In DB02 I am getting space critical objects and table is “RFBLG”.
    It is because of the large size of next extents. I change the
    next extent size thru SAPDBA->Reorg.->table storage parameter
    and after refresh in DB02 it is not showing any Space Critical
    Objects but after one or two days it again shows the same error
    for same table and also showing the same large next extent size
    instead of changed one. Also I check that the no of extents are
    same without any addition.

    I have one doubt.. is this because of the PCTINCREASE=0 and
    Autoextent = off.

    Please let me know solution for this immediately.

    Thanks in advance to all gurus.
    SAP-BASIS Admin

    If you’re running all the SAP recommended BASIS jobs, you probably have
    a job which is calculates the next extent, depending on the size of the
    table and its growth. Check DB13 for any jobs executing the following

    BRCONNECT -u “userid”/”passwd” -c -f next -t all

    We had a similar issue where several tables, because of their growth,
    would show up with “space critical object” warnings. What we did is run
    the same job (as shown above), using the exclusion function. To do
    this, modify your init .sap file and add the entry NEXT_EXCLUDE to
    exclude tables/indexes. Example:

    next_exclude = (SAPR3.RFBLG, SAPR3.GLFUNCA, SAPR3.GLPCA, …)

    Warning: what ever size your current next extent is for these tables
    when you apply this change, that’s the size it will remain. So it’s
    import you make sure the next extent size is adequate.

    Jose Garcia

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