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ERPCX Country Ambassador for Indonesia

May 23, 2011

Ahmad Rizki

Web: SAP Study Materials Consulting
Phone: +62-815-731-62392
Address: Jl. Pesanggrahan, Homeland A.2
Ciputat, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ahmad Rizki is currently an ERP Business Analyst Manager and also a Senior SAP Specialist at a leading CDMA-based telecommunication company in Indonesia. He had worked at various companies from various industries such as Oil & Gas Services, Geothermal Energy, Financial Services, and Telecommunication. The main functions that he experienced are Inventory Management, Procurement, Internal Audit, Sales & Distribution, and IT.

He also has some full-cycle SAP implementation projects experience in some SAP modules such as Material Management (MM), Sales & Distribution, and Project System (PS). He has deep understanding about the integration between MM, SD, PS, and other SAP modules such as FICO, Plant Maintenance (PM), etc.

With his experience and educational background as an Industrial Engineer, he has a clear vision about various business processes and how to use the best-practice of them to support company’s strategic and operational activities to achieve its target.

He runs SAP Study Materials blog where he writes several articles about various SAP concepts, configuration guide, etc, and a One-stop SAP Reference & Collaboration site. The SAP Study Materials blog currently has more than 1600 feed subscribers.

Products & Services

Ahmad Rizki publishes two SAP-related books which available at his blog and Amazon store. He owns and manages SAP Study Materials group on LinkedIn which currently has more than 1200 members. Most of the members are either SAP consultants, SAP end-users, students, recruiters, or other SAP-related professionals.

With some of his colleagues, he also performs some SAP-related services to customers such as SAP implementation projects, SAP on-site/off-site support, SAP integration/interface with other applications, and SAP training.

Beside the standard SAP training for various modules, we also provide a “Special For You (SFY)” SAP Training. An SFY SAP Training is our training approach where we train company’s personnel (which can be SAP end-users, internal consultants, or SAP newbies) based on their specific jobs. Usually, we have to review the company’s business process and, if possible, its SAP business blueprint. Based on that, we can arrange a specific and details training with company’s specific terms and jargon. We emphasize the trainees about the importance of doing their job right and its impacts on other personnel’s or department’s job. From the training we can also gather the user’s requirements which may be missed on the previous implementation project or they’re just existed due to a change in business process. We will also propose a new configuration or scenario of  SAP business process if we find it can help or enhance the company’s operational activities.

SAP Knowledge

MM, SD, PS, FI, SAP Query Tools, LSMW, ABAP.

Brands We Carry

ERPCX Virtual Bench


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